Designers Based By Degrees And Not By Talents

Source: www.ArtbyHerbie.comIt is incredible how thing have changed from the past when an artist (Graphic designer, Web Designer, painter, Writer, etc) where people with experience in the market could take the jobs they wanted thanks to their portfolio.

That changed!

A few years ago employers were asking for Associate in Science titles to apply and obtain the job they wanted. A few years passed by and it changed again, where now employers ask artists to have a Bachelors Degree… Imagine how it will be in a few years, what will they ask for? Master Degrees? Doctorates? Will those with a Bachelor’s Degree make as much money as a drive-thru employee at Mc Donald’s?

So it doesn’t really matter now a days if you grow up with the art in your blood, doesn’t really matter if you carry it inside of you, you still need your title in order to move on in the artistic world.